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Dhillon Market, M.g. Complex, Samrala, Punjab 141114

Hangu Therapy World

We at HANGU THERAPY , have devoted our utmost effort in marketing high quality health related product for our customer. Since our research and development from 1998 onwards.

We have continuously upgraded our technical system in order to develop into a company at forefront for a health conscious culture. As a result, HANGU THERAPY proudly maintain senior position with a major market share for the thermal massage industry having presence in many state of our respected country INDIA. We are importing and manufacturing best quality medical device and thermal massagers for our customers. We are mainly importing products from Asian & European countries. All staff members and employee , including myself, keep in mind that this kind of achievement has been made possible only through our customers continuous love and support.

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SLS FREE, TAR FREE, Antiplaque, Fresh Breath & Sulfate Free

Ingredients- Dental type Silica, Aluminium Chlorohydroxy Allantoinate, D-Sorbitol Solution
Concentrated Glycerin, Xanthangum, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Active Carbon, L-Menthol,
Peppermint Oil, Anetol Oil & Water


Cost-effective, attractive to business partners, environmentally friendly, easy access to a wide range of guidance and support – it makes good business sense to implement and maintain a robust and effective environmental management.

Royal Rife

Royal Raymond Rife (May 16, 1888 – August 5, 1971) was an American inventor and early exponent of high-magnification time-lapse cine-micrography.

He is best known for a claimed 'beam ray' invention during the 1930s, which he thought could treat some diseases through vibration. Years after his death, it was manufactured and sold in several countries as a cure for cancer, AIDS, and other conditions. Many patients died, and multiple promoters were convicted of health fraud and sent to prison.

Little reliable published information exists describing Rife's life and work. In the 1930s, he made several optical compound microscopes and using a movie camera, took time-lapse microscopy movies of microbes. He also built microscopes that included polarizers.

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The ingredients of cosmetics that reach the skin directly by hand should be safe. There are different characteristics in each skin, so it can’t be a side effect, but it is my belief that we must always pay attention to safety. Therefore, we will do our best to build up trust with the people of the plateau family by proudly disclosing all the components EWG Green grade as well as heavy metals and related conformity tests.

Hangu Therapy Centres

Check out the Venue Information

Head Office Centre Samrala

Address: Dhillon Market, MG Complex,Samrala, PUNJAB 141114

Managining Director Name Tajinder Singh

Phone: (959)298-2398

Email: tajinder3233@gmail.com

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Hangu Therapy Centre, Doraha

Address: Near Khalsa Girls High School, 1st Floor, Jeenu Internet Cafe, Rly, Road, Doraha (Ludhiana)

Managining Director Name Kamalvir Singh

Phone: (988) 897-4799

Email: kamalvir1370@gmail.com

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Hangu Therapy Centre Roopnagar

Address: Near SBI bank opposite Ramleela Ground , Roopnagar 140001

Managining Director Name Jagroop Singh

Phone: (981)479-8512

Email: Jagroop.swaich@yahoo.com

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Hangu Medical World, Amloh

Address:Khanna Road, Near Bugga Bus Stand, Ground Floor, Amloh, PUNJAB

Managining Director Name Karandeep Singh

Phone: (707)129-8000

Email: karandeepsinghbains550@gmail.com

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Dhillon Market, M.g. Complex, Samrala, Punjab 141114

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sunday Closed

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