About Us

Challenge yourself today (HANGU THERAPY)

We at Hangu Therapy , have devoted our utmost effort in marketing high quality health related product for our customer. Since our research and development from 1998 onwards.

We have continuously upgraded our technical system in order to develop into a company at forefront for a health conscious culture. As a result, Hangu Therapy proudly maintain senior position with a major market share for the thermal massage industry having presence in many state of our respected country INDIA. We are importing and manufacturing best quality medical device and thermal massagers for our customers. We are mainly importing products from Asian & European countries. All staff members and employee , including myself, keep in mind that this kind of achievement has been made possible only through our customers continuous love and support. We promise to dedicate our best effort toward maintain customers satisfaction as one of our top priorities. 21st century is rapidly emerging as an era that emphasizes the value of living a healthy life. Now, Hangu Therapy will do its utmost in becoming a milestone for the changing lifestyle by accelerating product development and improving customer service based on our company’s philosophy and pursuit better health. We are a company suitable for anyone and everyone. Please keep and eye on the changing aspects of Hangu Therapy progress.