Chilbosuk Rainbow Mat

M1-M10 Combination mode output

-The therapy mainly for the recovery of cell function (related tissues, organs and system

“The End of All Diseases”

Mode Body parts and Diseases to work on Function
M1 Basic management: muscle strengthen, hormone endocrine adjustment, large intestine movement conditioning Physical movement abdominal soften
M2 Blurred, cataracts crossed degeneration, conjunctivitis Infections, etc. Eye Disorders
M3 Arteriosclerosis, hypertension, beriberi, dysmenorrhea, uterine disease, bladder, cardiac (vascular therapy) Purify the blood
M4 Strengthen the back muscles Repair more active. Make the muscles
M5 Cervical and Muscles Lower Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder Spine Disease
M6 Duodenal ulcer, cholelithiasis, dysmenorrheal Neuromodulation
M7 Kidney Infection, Nephritis(many viruses and toxins cause this) Kidney Meridian (balancing and correcting) Kisney Disease
M8 Many kinds Infections, Nose Infection, Runny nose Sinusitis Inflamation
M9 Prostate Complaints, Prostate and Bladder problems UTI Infection Prostate Problems
M10 M10 Gum disease, hepatitis, hypertension, cancer, Low back pain, nephritis, parkinson, pneumonia, blood vessels, joints, athietes foot sclerosis Dredge meridian

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