What differences from general low frequency therapy ?

About Digital prime's Frequencies.

This product is the world 's first therapy device that introduced the concept of the frequency(wave). It is fundamentally different from the low-frequency therapy device which is mainly used for physiotherapy in the hospital and health market. It is an innovative product that analyzes the healthy organs and tissues frequencies of the body. It stores the information in a microprocessor, then uses the specific frequency corresponding to the disease at the time of treatment. By the processes, it kills the pathogens(Germs) and regenerates the cells.

In this equipment, 50 kinds of frequencies(radio waves) are input to the microprocessor with an accuracy of 0.0001 HZ. The each frequency has been given a serial number starting with No. 1. It can be used for any length of time after selecting its individual frequency. However, since the automatic multiplex(complex) mode is preprogrammed and it can be used to easily recall frequencies corresponding to 25 kinds of disease codes, this automatic multiplex mode is recommended to use. The multiplex mode contains various frequencies, ranging from 1 or 2 to several dozens, and some of the buttons can be automatically and continuously used. The reason for using multiple frequencies for a disease is to eliminate all factors in a complex way. It is also possible for users to conveniently input them by using individual frequency numbers and automatic multiplex mode.

A frequency classification of the device - The individual frequencies are classified into two broadly.)

A) Microbial Frequency

This frequency is used to destroy disease-causing micro-organisms such as pathogens(Germs), ie viruses, bacteria, worms, fungus, and ameba. Frequency numbers are from 1 to 29 and 11, 12, 14, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27, 28. If these frequencies are bundled up for the treatment, you can get an effect within 6 hours for most diseases. After applying the detoxifying frequency for most patients, it is recommended to use this frequency first. The point to watch out is that you have to drink plenty of water to remove the toxins that the fungus blow out when dying.

B) Tissue Frequency

This frequency activates normal cell function, recovery, regeneration, metabolism, secretion, etc. Most of the frequencies except the microbial frequency are the tissue frequencies.It takes longer than the microbial frequency because it is involved in tissue regeneration. (a) Detoxifying Frequency: Before the primary treatments, this frequency is used to remove toxins piled up in the patient's body. It is also used when toxins temporarily are accumulated in the body as the patient gets the frequency treatment. It is the combined mode from No. 1 to 4 No. 2 is used to kill parasites. It is recommended to use the detoxifying frequency before using it.( b) Disease Frequency: Except the detoxifying frequency in the automatic multiplex mode, it is the disease frequencies. Even if some other bacteria attack one place in the human body, the symptoms are the same. However, it 's hard to find out the cause accurately. So it is possible to treat the disease successfully if we simultaneously handle all the possibilities that cause symptoms.

C) Product Features

This product is a therapeutic equipment created by introducing frequency concept, fundamentally different from the low-frequency treatment device whose primary purpose is physical therapy. It analyzes and stores frequencies from healthy organs and tissues. It is an innovative product that restores health by eliminating pathogens(Germs) with rectangular waves, sawtooth waves, sinusoidal waves, etc. of a particular frequency corresponding to the specific body parts and symptoms.