The Subtle Energy and Pulsed waves Medicine

The Medicine of Pulsed wave(Radionics,Frequency,Energyn Medicine) is an alternative medicine advocated by Albert Abrams in the 1930s, and was actively researched in the 80s by the advancement of computers that analyzed the wavelengths within the human body. In Recent years, Korea is showing rapid development in this field. It is the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by measuring the in electromagnetic field.

According to Energy medicine, it is claimed the errors in genetic information can be measured by the weak wavelength range in the molecular unit, which is the smallest unit that forms the cells. Also, the organs in the human body consist of inherent frequency for each one, so in theory, correcting this wavelength can treat and control illnesses.

In other words, each of the organs in the human body contain innate frequency, and these turn to unusual frequency in times of illness. All organs have different inherent frequencies, and a disease deranges these wavelengths.

The goal of pulsed wave medicine is to detect abnormal frequency , and to change the abnormal state back to the normal state.