What is a pulsed wave?

It is the shape of unique intrinsic energy below atomic level. In other words, it can be regarded as the minimum unit of energy(subtle energy).

Every substance(Materials) consists of atoms, which are made up of atomic particles and the atoms link up to form molecules. Then, the molecules join together to form each substance.

Each of the original atomic particles or the atoms has its own unique waves, which makes its substance accordingly have its own unique wave.

Our human body is composed of the units of elementary particle - atom - molecule - cell - tissue- organs – system- the whole body and each unit has its own unique wave that combines its sub levels.

For example, the human heart has its own wave and in the liver, there is a unique wave of the liver. Human consciousness and emotions are also regarded as the energy generating in the brain.

Like this way, all the substances(Materials) in the world, the human body, and even our consciousness / emotion have its own energy, which is a wave.

Basically, the concept of pulsed waves theory is derived from the hypothesis that all living things have their own unique physiological pulsed waves and pathological pulsed waves at the same time.

Therefore, when one's physiological pulsed waves is activated, he/she should be healthy, whereas when one's pathological pulsed waves is inactivated, it is considered that he/she is liable to the specific disease.

This concept is to understand living organisms from a biologic point of view rather than to understand them from a biochemical point of view and it is believed that we can maintain our healthy body by properly controlling physiological and pathological pulse waves.